It begins

If there was a gong right now, it would automatically go off.

Such is the nature of my commitment towards blogging that it needs some gong clamouring validation to set off the nature of events/posts yet to unfurl.

To be completely frank I have no plan, layout, direction or even a remote sense of divine intervention to set the ball rolling to what can be called a blogging career. First, blogging is not writing technically. Blogging is to writing what 50×50 pixelated mona lisa is to the actual painting. Some might call it pixel art or ‘avante-garde’, but frankly its a skewed ratio of shit giving folks. Secondly, ‘career’ does not add up as a follow up to a word like ‘blogging’. So I’m not fooling nobody here…it’s just an arrangement of words somehow lined up in an attempt to seem universally relevant.

I just thought of a cool T-Rex logo and a remotely-punny and what seemed-hilarious-on-the-first-draft of a name. And bam! Here I am.

So without further ado, let’s give it up for procrastina


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