How I saved my school from a Terrorist attack

Now for all those of you expecting a tear jerking life inspiring “true story” click bait article, I am sorry to disappoint you in case the title misguided you. I’m merely spilling out here what most of us from school used to fantasise about. I remember staring out of the huge classroom window and imagining how one day I would emerge a saviour of the entire school. This was primarily due to the fact that short term thinking did not enable us to see hard work as a way to earn admiration from peers. It required something much more sudden and extreme. Somehow I used to think that entire dream was unique to me, till the movie Agent Cody Banks came out.

And so planned to sue them for fantasy plagiarism

And being a kid grown up watching action movies we tend to have a superior image of ourselves. Like watching the fight sequences from the matrix alone gave us the required training for martial arts. While the post credits rolled for any action movie I’d visualise myself in a similar scenario Jason Statham-ing my way out without a scratch on my suit. Oblivious to the reality that would actually conspire.

Summing it up
Summing it up


Well the day started like any other. The Math lecture had slowed down time to a standstill and yawns replaced any attempts to look interested. Suddenly two gunshots came from the other classroom. And there was a large commotion that amalgamated amidst the cacophony of screams and cries that was my school.

Everyone froze in their benches, meanwhile the teacher dropped the chalk from her hand in the horror of sudden realisation. This certainly was not a drill. I stumbled out of my chair and scrambled to the classroom door. Sneaking on the edge of the door I peered outside just revealing an eye as to not give away my presence. 5 armed men stood on the hallway with SMG’s in hand robed in black uniformed outfits and ski masks to conceal their faces.

What do you think you are doing?“, whispered the first bencher in absolute horror shedding a frightened tear.

I turned around and looked at the astonished face of my classmates. Stricken with various expressions of horror which even my math teacher reciprocated. They were completely oblivious to my counter terrorist training that I had been through last summer. I was built for such a situation! I was prepared!

It’s all right. I got this!“, I raise both my hands as to signal my class to remain silent. They still didn’t buy into what I was attempting to do. Being a scrawny pubescent teen wasn’t that heartening for them. I had to do something to win their trust in me and the fact that I was not just their classmate.

I went to the class teacher and asked her to remain calm and be seated. Scrambling back I latched the door shut from the inside. Once I walked back in trying to collect my thoughts I still had to fake my identity to calm people down.

I pressed a finger to my ear and blurted out : “This is tango one three five six. HQ do you copy? We’ve got hostiles in the perimeter. Targets no more than a click away. We’ve got 5 hostiles for now. Request immediate backup.

I noticed the astonished faces in the room. A few of them clearly mouthing ‘is he an agent?‘ to each other. My months of playing modern military shooter video games had paid off in some way.

Suddenly my friend stands up partly knowing how I might be faking it and says,”We’ll stand guard in this class, you should go check on the others!”. His eyes barely flinched while he said it. His faith in me reflected over confidently. But that was what we required.

Suddenly there were two loud thumps outside the door. Somebody was trying to break in. I quickly rushed to the window and jumped out on to the ledge and hushed the classroom asking everyone to be silent. I stood outside the window concealing myself from the terrorists inside who just broke in. Standing on a ledge three floors up made me face my fear of heights. The constant wind fluttering on my ankles which seem to be exposed. But the tension was too high and the acrophobia took a backseat.

Two shots were fired inside the classroom to intimidate my fellow students. I had to distract them somehow. I leaned in and knocked on the window and hid back outside. One of the terrorists ran up and started peering outside the window right next to me unaware of my standing on the ledge. In an instant I pulled him out holding him by his gun and released him three floors down. Splat. One down four to go.

I was now equipped with a gun but was about to lose my balance. There was only one more of the enemy in the room I was in. I made a dramatic jump in and rolled on the floor shooting the enemy in the gut. In an instant he collapsed.

Artists rendition of the event

I rushed out the door staying close to the ground into the next classroom. It was clear. Again I was met with expressions of shock from my peers. I gave a sly smile to the girl I had a crush on sitting right in front of me. It didn’t go exactly as planned though. The shock didn’t wipe off.

In this moment of distraction a terrorist barged in through the door with gun down and completely exposed. They clearly weren’t well trained. In a fraction of a second I kicked the gun out from his hands and punched him square in the face. And pushed him off to some of the other boys in the classroom ready to engage him in schoolboy justice. Two more to go.

I peered again and the hallway seemed clear. I started crawling my way to the next classroom where the commotion seemed to be coming from. The door was slightly ajar. I tried to sneak in but suddenly felt the touch of cold metal at the back of my head.

Most of my training

“Poot yerr gun daun!” I looked back at the talking ski mask. “Russians!”, I thought. His safety catch was still on. I immediately kicked him in his knees and snatched the gun from him.

“Safety first!”, I sneered. Clicking the catch back off, I shot twice. Cause I’m Arnold Schwarzenegger now.  I stood up in celebration when suddenly another door flung open and out came the last one. This time with a hostage and gun the head of the girl I smiled at earlier.

“Not so fast!”, he said taking his ski mask off, “Put your weapons down or she gets lead.”

Sadly his inexperience shone through. He had chosen a shorter hostage completely exposing his head unable to shield most of his body with the girl. When will they learn. It was time when things came to this climax. Time for a catch phrase!

Schools out………..Comrade!


Next I had to find John Connor


Suddenly my face hit something and I woke up.

My math teacher standing next to me with a ‘this is the third time’ expression.

And that was the last time I slept in class.


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