How to not quit your job in order to live your life

Look. Admit it. Being on social media platforms, you’d have enough experience of being inundated with posts that tell you on how your 9 to 5 existence sucks. On how the corporate leech that is your company , squeezes out every drop of your essence that will not let you fulfil your personal dream. And as you keep scrolling, the word ‘entrepreneur‘ gets thrown around so often that it turns out you can spell it properly without looking it up. (Yay!)

There is enough content out there now that tells you that in this day and age if you want to do something that is not your day job, you might as well do it now. Like those Instagram travel celebs who travel to new exotic locales like its their daily commute. Tiny start ups getting money thrown at by investors like a dance-bar/strip-club on a pay day. That classmate of yours who wasn’t quite the sharpest tool in the shed, now running a “boutique” business worth millions. And those are just the top three.

Maybe one day you can be Leo too. Statistics disagree, but who cares…right?

And for a person who’s hunched in front of the laptop screen shoving aside deadlines for  some recreational Facebook usage, it comes across as a slap on the face. Like a perennial nagging finger hovering around that questions all your life choices. And you stand up from your cubicle, look around at the sea of heads drowned in the daily drudgery. A nerve pops in your head as you wave your fist in defiance and promise yourself that you wont be in shackles any more. And the next thing you know you feel the sweet release from unwanted responsibility while writing the first draft of that resignation letter.

And how could it go wrong from there on. As seen in every medium, be it a movie or a book, a resignation from a day job can only be seen as rebirth. Cause that is the moment when you can truly embrace your desire and live instead of just exist. That is the moment when you identify what seems to be your calling and put your foot down to claim your purpose. That is the moment you can actually think of going home and finish binge watching the last few episodes of Breaking Bad. For some. Well for a few. Maybe.

Somehow there’s a lot more tunnelling through shit in real life unlike the movie 

See the thing is I’m well acquainted with this scenario because I went through it. And I’ve known a lot of people who followed suit. Jumping down prematurely like lemmings off a cliff. We all have this urge to go running off and find ourselves. And since soul searching has been so romanticised it often is seen as a rite of passage during youth. I’m pretty sure my personal ‘find myself in the woods journey’ wont involve an Eddie Vedder soundtrack. And in this dreamy promise of freedom we tend to abandon practicality. Well at least I conveniently did.

And that was my mistake. I had to suck it up. The moment when reality crystallised and I realised I was at the wrong place, I turned into this ball of positivity and invincibility picturing myself as a giant bulldozer demolishing my own problems. And while my thoughts have been so shaped by the ‘Inevitable Rockstar’ dreams that every notion of what I had to do didn’t seem to be much a problem. Like picturing yourself running a half marathon with only two beads of sweat glistening on your forehead, whereas the reality being missing the alarm every day for the past ten months.

All right then, two more episodes and then I  start changing my life

The process of planning can be euphoric at times. Cause you’re giving birth to a new parallel reality of things that could be. Answering all the What if’s with elaborate machinations that would define your future. And then in the undeniable process of execution, run the laundry list of dreams through a reality filter. And between the two steep cliffs of planning and execution lies the enormously endless gorge of procrastination. All you have is a millennia old rickety rope bridge to cross over. Also throw in the pterodactyls of distraction while you’re at it. You know…like real life. And procrastination by now has become a word so close to the heart that it can be on my ‘words-to-get-tattooed-next‘ list.

I’m in no way against taking the decision that would change your life and give you a new direction. Hell! I keep doing that more often than changing my bedsheets. My observation is that the uplifting content strewn around us is at times so well edited and immaculately presented that the part of our brain responsible for comprehending the behind-the-scenes content for each get’s conveniently switched off. We end up reading the headlines instead of the article and take it as a fact. Like watching the Tomorrowland after movie. I mean good god! You can’t be that happy after snorting,sniffing,smoking,sucking,sipping everything around you now…can you…can you??? [Clearly as you may have assumed I haven’t been to Tomorrowland.]

And I can’t get even more preachy than this. And If I do, then it’s time I quit my day job right now and turned into an entrepreneurial evangelist of sorts. And this time it’s for real.

TL;DR - Keep giving yourself reality checks before taking life altering steps!

[SPOILER ALERT: The title was a lame click bait attempt, there is no attempt to justify the 'How to' part of the title]

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